June 2nd, 2009
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Fun Factory Week – Vibrator Review: Boss (Lady)

Welcome to Fun Factory Week!

I have five Fun Factory toys to review this week, and I’m starting off with one of my favorites, a Babeland exclusive, Boss, or possibly Boss Lady.


There’s a little confusion over this vibe going around which I definitely share. I actually went to the Babeland store here in Seattle and was able to hold an original Boss in my hand (image on the left below) which is different than the one I received.

When this was offered it was offered with the image and description of the Boss, the item on the left, but what arrived was the Boss Lady, the item pictured below on the right, although not the hot pink version (which I was thankful for) although that seems to be the only color currently available.

Having tried the old-style Boss in the Babeland store I was actually thankful that I got the newer version, as I liked the upgrades better. The newer Boss Lady has two push-buttons to change vibration intensity and vibration patterns, a plus and a minus, while the old-style Boss had a round dial to turn it on and off and I’m unsure if it had vibration patterns though I don’t think it did.

The older-style Boss I tried out in the store did not work very well, while it turned on it was difficult to turn back off because the dial went around and around and I had to find the right spot to turn it off. However, this could also have to do with the fact that it was a demo version that had been out for customers to turn on and off over and over probably for quite some time. The new style Boss’ buttons are somewhat hard to press, especially the first few times I used it, which was highly annoying. They seem to get easier each time I press them, though, which is good, but they are still somewhat stiff.

bossold   bosslady

In addition to the stiff plus and minus buttons the Boss it also has a “turbo” or “booster” button beneath them (see image on the left below) which is supposed to up the vibration of the toy just when you need it most to help you get over the edge. I was not impressed at all with the turbo button as it’s extremely difficult to push in the first place, much more difficult than the plus and minus buttons were, and continues to be difficult. It also doesn’t really add that much from what I can tell, so I doubt I’ll actually use it.

There have been quite a few other reviews of Boss which talk about issues with the toy working for a variety of reasons, but I had no issues with mine aside from the stiff buttons. Still, for the price one would hope there shouldn’t be common issues with operation malfunctioning.

The other major difference between the two styles is that the old style had a smooth silicone finish, much like that of other silicone toys, but the new style has a velvety matte finish that is absolutely divine! I couldn’t stop touching it once I got it and love the finish, though it does create more friction than other smoother silicone finishes and that combined with the sublime girth of the toy means a good amount of lubrication is required before insertion.

Speaking of girth, I do quite love the size of the Boss, thick and wonderful without being overwhelming or daunting. Quite perfect, really, especially for an amateur size queen such as myself. Boss is semi-realistic looking with a distinct head and veins at the base of the insertable silicone, and has a wonderful g-spot curve which I could definitely feel and adored.

I adore the black color and am disappointed that Babeland only seems to have the hot pink for sale, although while I was at the store I was told the color selection on Fun Factory toys is somewhat sporadic and they basically just get whatever Fun Factory sends to them regardless of color requests.

Honestly, I’m not big on internal vibrations as I prefer my vibrations clitoral and although Boss’ vibrations are substantial and wonderful for clitoral stimulation he’s rather cumbersome when used that way. However, I love Boss’ girth and the velvety texture is just delicious so I know I’m going to be using him a lot as a dildo at least (which he does very well) even if not with vibration included.

bossmine2   bossmine3

Much thanks to Babeland for allowing me to review the Boss/Boss Lady!

Name: Boss (Lady)

Type: Vibrator

Manufacturer: Fun Factory

Material: Silicone in a velvety-matte finish

Length: 8 3/4″ (total), 6 3/4″ (insertable)
Width: 1 3/5″
Girth: 5 1/2″

Charge: Four AAA Batteries

Rating: 4 Lotuses (out of 5) – Very Good & Highly Recommended

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